A Different Approach
Innovative, Experienced, Healthcare Focused

Are you currently using a system that is simply an assortment of loosely related software products that only add more integration headaches and keep you from focusing on your business goals?

Introducing the HSP Payer Suite, a platform designed with the needs of payer organizations in mind. Our single source core claims administration solution is an enterprise-wide software system with one of the highest claims auto-adjudication and accuracy rates in the industry. HSP’s clients get a stronger and more straightforward IT infrastructure, which in turn allows them to save on operational costs by eliminating overlap and inefficiency.

The HSP Payer Suite provides flexibility and automation so businesses can adapt rapidly to change while simultaneously supporting multiple lines of business. HSP has a proven track record of lowering costs and increasing growth across multiple lines of business on a single instance of the application including commercial, commercial risk, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage.

In addition to standard administrative features, the HSP Payer Suite includes embedded tools that add flexibility, scalability and usability – and all for lower total cost of ownership.

The HSP difference: the ability to reduce manual administrative burden while transforming business processes for overall efficiency.

Experience the difference with the HSP Payer Suite:

  • Single integrated financial, operational and constituent channel platform
  • Support for complex accounting and reporting structures: supports medical, dental, vision, specialty health and non-medical processing across Medicare, Medicaid, MediCal, HIX and commercial lines of business
  • Self-service and real-time Web and mobile access anytime from anywhere
  • Fully integrated customer service (CRM) module
  • Automated event and correspondence information exchange
  • Embedded and changeable/configurable workflow automation
  • User-defined dashboards and style sheets (screens) for automated actions and access to decision-making information
  • Transforms – self-manage how transactions process outside of coded system logic
  • Full document imaging and indexing allowing you to store and attach external information
  • Fully embedded Medicare Advantage CMS communications, data exchange and processing and embedded Care Management automation

With our leading edge products and services, HSP helps your organization ensure a rapid return on investment and improve your operational efficiencies. HSP meets this goal by offering affordable, scalable solutions that enable you to simply manage and control the information in your organization. These solutions can also wrap around your existing systems and make the best use of increasingly limited resources.

With over 20 years of managed care and information technology expertise, HSP has been helping executives resolve their business challenges while offering innovative solutions with flexibility and choice to ensure maximum value for each customer.

The HSP team appreciates your consideration of our Enterprise Healthcare Payer Suite. We welcome an opportunity to provide additional information and a demonstration of how the HSP Enterprise Healthcare Payer Suite can reduce your costs, increase your productivity, and improve your overall operations.