Health Solutions Plus, Inc. and Context4 Healthcare, Inc. Announce Partnership

Health Solutions Plus, Inc. and Context4 Healthcare, Inc. Announce Partnership for FirstPassTM medical claim editing solution.

Melville, NY, April 16, 2013 - Health Solutions Plus, Inc. a leading provider of the only unified enterprise-class software platform for healthcare payers today announced a partnership with Context4 Healthcare, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for challenges related to fraud, waste and abuse in the healthcare industry. The partnership will enable Health Solutions Plus’ clients to streamline the adjudication process, increase claims auto-adjudication, increase data accuracy providing a faster, more efficient and precise process overall.

Context4 Healthcare’s FirstPassTM claim editing solution has been seamlessly integrated with Health Solutions Plus’ comprehensive payer solution, MediTracTM and is deployed through web services. MediTrac'sTM enterprise functionality is empowered by unique architecture and an advanced technology platform that represents the fundamental core business logic that spans the payer enterprise including claims and benefit administration, care management and portal solutions.

Context4 Healthcare’s FirstPassTMclaim editing engine identifies incorrectly coded claims through robust technical and clinical editing. Health Solutions Plus’ customers will be able to check for all key clinical and technical edits in real-time. These edits range from basic checks for accuracy of codes, appropriate use of modifiers, and validation of patient gender and age, to complex relationships such as instances of code fragmentation, utilization violations, mutually exclusive services, diagnosis/procedure relationships, and more. By improving claims payment appropriateness and accuracy, payers can realize savings of total claims dollars and reduce administrative costs.

John Buser, President and CEO for Health Solutions Plus, states, “Health Solutions Plus is pleased to announce our new partnership with Context4 Healthcare. Context4 Healthcare shares Health Solutions Plus’ commitment to invest in the success of our customers to ensure that the solutions we provide keep pace with the industry and technology as they evolve. This in turn guarantees that our clients purchase a solution that will not become obsolete in a few short years but will support their business performance needs and growth well into the future. “

“Our partnership brings together a leading edge claims and benefit administration system with one of the most reliable fraud, waste and abuse tools available to healthcare payers today and we look forward to a successful relationship with Health Solutions Plus and our shared approach to supporting our customers’ success,” adds Context4 Healthcare’s President and CEO, Mark Earles.

About Context4 Healthcare

Headquartered in Naperville IL, Context develops software and data solutions to solve complex medical claim coding, editing and fraud related abuses. Context’s software and data solutions enable healthcare organizations to reduce claim errors, denials and claim-handling costs. More than 4,000 physician practices, hospitals, insurance carriers, third party administrators and managed care organizations currently use Context’s products. Learn more at For additional information please contact David Terry at 630-321-2976 or

About Health Solutions Plus

Health Solutions Plus is an innovative provider of enterprise healthcare solutions for health plans and third party administrators supporting commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, dental, vision, and specialty health lines of business. Health Solutions Plus offers the most complete unified single- source software solution on the market. Health Solutions Plus supports its customers’ success by providing expedient and affordable implementation services, quality client service and updated product versioning for the length of the contract at no additional cost. The HSP suite of solutions is an investment that will take your organization successfully into the future. For more information about Health Solutions Plus call 800-244-8718 or visit our website at