Industry Leading Enhancements Announced at The 2016 Health Solutions Plus User Conference

Melville, NY, June 6, 2016 - Health Solutions Plus (HSP), an industry leading provider of core claims processing software and healthcare information systems for medical, dental, vision and specialty health Payers, unveiled their latest product advancements during their annual User Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Featured product advancements included comprehensive Medicare Advantage Plan administration, available within HSP’s core claims platform, which eliminates the need for a consortium of third-party applications to manage CMS processing requirements and achieve compliance. HSP has also significantly enhanced embedded claims auditing capabilities in support of meeting regulatory compliance, elevating claims adjudication accuracy and optimizing client training initiatives for new staff. Other notable advancements include the expansion of automation in the areas of capitation, premium billing and simplified archiving. HSP continuously works to give clients an overarching solution that propels their organizations to the forefront of their respective industries.

HSP’s client participants also presented best practices on the ability to effectively prepare for and install system upgrades and how to maximize the HSP experience with the use of enterprise-wide workflow. With the implementation of enterprise-wide workflow, HSP’s clients are reporting significant improvement in operational efficiencies and the reduction of associated costs. HSP’s client speakers were thought provoking and prompted insightful discussions among the conference participants. HSP’s client community also has the ability to continue to connect and collaborate utilizing the new HSP User Forum website.

“We look forward to this very important event every year. It’s not only a time for us to present our new products and platforms, but also time for us to interact with our client partners to gain valuable feedback and collaboratively discuss issues affecting their organizations,” said President John Buser. “The support and excitement surrounding this conference is incredibly encouraging and inspires us to continue to expand our product to surpass our client’s needs in this ever changing environment.”

About Health Solutions Plus

Health Solutions Plus (HSP) is a U.S. based provider of the most mature Payer Administration software solution in the industry. All development and support activities are provided by onshore resources. The HSP Payer Suite provides the flexibility and automation needed to support multiple lines of business while increasing operational efficiencies in order to compete in today ’s marketplace. HSP designs solutions that deliver the ability to immediately respond to change as it occurs. HSP has a proven track record of assisting Payers with lowering costs and increasing growth across multiple lines of business, including Commercial, Commercial Risk, MediCal and Medicare Advantage. HSP’s design approach eliminates the need for “multi-vendor” interfacing and associated costs. For more information about Health Solutions Plus call 800-244-8718 or visit our website at