Health Solutions Plus (HSP) Announces New Medicare Advantage Platform.

Melville, NY, March 9, 2016 - Health Solutions Plus (HSP) recently announced new capabilities designed specifically to meet the requirements for businesses operating within the Medicare Advantage marketplace. The HSP Payer Suite enables users to operate within a single platform to meet their private business and government program needs. In an environment where changes are constant, the ability to function within a single platform is shown to assist in containing the administrative costs often associated with the maintenance of such plans.

In addition to the Core Payer Administration Solution, the Medicare Advantage Module includes: pre-enrollment, enrollment, COB/OHI, premium billing and reconciliation, finance/risk adjustment and compliance. Each process is automated and flexible, notifications are sent when information is received, workflow and scripting is logic-driven, member data is reconciled, all beneficiary data is in a core repository, and there are Member, Provider and Broker Portals. Finally, pre-populated and customized reports surrounding STAR rating, enrollment, benefits, EDI and audits, provider networks, billing, UM/CM, and imaging are included.

“When it comes to the Medicare Advantage markets, we understand the complexities that many of the payer organizations face today. We often hear that organizations are retro-fitting their current platforms, in an effort to process these complex offerings” said John Buser, CEO and President at HSP. “At HSP, we believe there should be an easier solution for these organizations. A platform that could truly move with the speed and efficiency needed to run all lines of business, without costing a fortune to do so. Our goal is to allow our customers to say goodbye to these issues and to enable them to offer the highest quality Medicare Advantage options in the marketplace today.”

About Health Solutions Plus, Inc.

Health Solutions Plus (HSP) is a U.S. based provider of the most mature Payer Administration software solution in the industry. All development and support is provided in the United States. With the flexibility and automation needed to support multiple lines of business, the Payer Suite creates the business and operational efficiencies necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.

HSP solutions are designed to react in real-time to emerging demands in the marketplace. The company has a strong history of helping Payers lower costs and increase revenue growth across multiple lines of business including Commercial, Commercial Risk, Medicaid, Medi-Cal and Medicare Advantage. Their single source solution eliminates the need for multiple vendor interfacing and the associated costs and downtime. To learn more about Health Solutions Plus, please call 800-244-8718 or visit our website at