Health Solutions Plus, Inc. and Palladian Health Announce Partnership


Melville, NY, february 13, 2014 - Health Solutions Plus, Inc. (HSP) today announced that its monumental suite of payer solutions has helped Palladian Health significantly automate operational processes resulting in significant cost savings and staffing reductions.

Context4 Healthcare’s FirstPassTM claim editing solution has been seamlessly integrated with Health Solutions Plus’ comprehensive payer solution, MediTracTM and is deployed through web services. MediTrac'sTM enterprise functionality is empowered by unique architecture and an advanced technology platform that represents the fundamental core business logic that spans the payer enterprise including claims and benefit administration, care management and portal solutions.

Leveraging HSP’s comprehensive payer platform, Palladian Health has achieved process efficiencies and cost savings through improving claims auto adjudication rates to levels greater than 85% with automated claims triage rates of 98%. The IT department specifically recognized improvements due to the ease of system maintenance and elimination of multiple third party vendors including claims scrubbing, reporting and data warehouse technology and external fulfillment services. HSP’s consolidated data platform and quick system response times have also elevated the customer service experience for Palladian’s member and providers.

Adam Dunning, CIO at Palladian Health said “We selected Health Solutions Plus’ payer suite because we needed a consolidated platform that spanned the entire business enterprise with significant opportunity for automation improvement and cost efficiencies. We were able to eliminate the cost of several third- party solutions with the implementation of HSP’s payer suite. The operational efficiencies and ability to reduce staffing have helped us achieve optimal cost savings while maintaining elevated levels of service for our members and providers. We are pleased that our return on investment has been much greater than expected.”

Palladian Health has also made significant improvements automating authorization processing utilizing HSP’s web services that accesses the same data as HSP’s backend claims platform. Providers simply request authorization for services through Palladian Health’s provider portal and the system automatically authorizes, pends or denies requested services based on all elements that are required in the authorization adjudication algorithms. This has streamlined the authorization process by improving timely turn-around and minimizing the need for manual intervention. Members and providers benefit from the expedient turn-around times resulting in the authorization of the right care at the right time while supporting first pass correct claims payment. Palladian Health is also able to quickly and easily implement new business due to the flexibility and ease of benefit plan configuration and membership loading with HSP payer suite. This includes a benefit tool box that works with a benefit wizard with step by step guidance for the configuration of benefits, ultimately reducing the amount of time it takes to implement new benefit plans and clients. HSP’s HIPAA Gateway has helped Palladian Health simplify the day to day management of EDI transactions, including new membership loading and maintenance. The HSP HIPAA Gateway eliminates the need for clearinghouses and other third party gateways. Palladian Health is able to define how and what type of information will be loaded into the system to expedite the implementation of new clients.

The HSP payer suite includes extensive reporting and data warehouse solutions that have helped Palladian Health reduce their monthly reporting cycle from three weeks to under a week. HSP’s solutions provide real-time database access supported by a fully documented data dictionary and schema. While a considerable number of HSP provided reports are included with the solution, the utilization of the datasets and MS Reporting Service Server (SSRS) is available and has helped Palladian Health with the development of custom reports to meet their reporting requirements.

About Palladian Health

Palladian Health is located in West Seneca, NY and manages musculoskeletal healthcare services for over four million health plan members. Palladian is dedicated to improving the coordination of patient care, enhancing the clinical effectiveness and efficiency of caregivers, and, ultimately, improving the quality of people's lives. Palladian’s comprehensive musculoskeletal care model integrates physical therapy, chiropractic and physical health and fitness with primary care to provide optimal outcomes for health plan clients and their members, Together with the expertise of their Clinical Policy & Advisory Board, made up of nationally renowned musculoskeletal health professionals , Palladian offers a unique resource for clinical expertise and guidance regarding musculoskeletal health symptoms, conditions and treatment options, which translate into improved member outcomes, high provider satisfaction and health plan cost efficiencies. To Laearn more about Palladian Health visit at

About Health Solutions Plus

Health Solutions Plus is an innovative provider of enterprise healthcare solutions for health plans and third party administrators supporting commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, dental, vision, and specialty health lines of business. Health Solutions Plus offers the most complete unified single- source software solution on the market. Health Solutions Plus supports its customers’ success by providing expedient and affordable implementation services, quality client service and updated product versioning for the length of the contract at no additional cost. The HSP suite of solutions is an investment that will take your organization successfully into the future. For more information about Health Solutions Plus call 800-244-8718 or visit our website at