Health Solutions Plus, Inc. Announces New Solution, HSP iConnectTM

Access to Unified Web Services from Any Device in Any Context by Anyone

Melville, NY, April 2, 2013 - Health Solutions Plus, Inc., an innovative provider of enterprise class software solutions for Health Care Payers and HIT organizations, today announced the release of its newest product, HSP iConnectTM. HSP iConnect introduces easier integration with broad based delivery and access from any web enabled and mobile device. This provides the ability for health plans, their members and providers to access information in real-time, communicate in real-time, and process claims in real-time in a secured environment.

HSP iConnect provides the power and flexibility to deploy discrete and independent solutions using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The iConnect components represent individual business services that allow payers to enhance their product and service offerings without having to implement and maintain autonomous databases or applications. Payers can enhance the value of their IT systems while using the HSP iConnect framework and advanced web-services.

The key to the success of payers and HIT organizations lies in the flexibility of business processes and the supporting IT infrastructure to seamlessly integrate with other systems. Health Solutions Plus believes that the component-based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach provides the needed power and flexibility to meet today's high-speed business environment. Payers need flexibility of business processes and the supporting infrastructure to seamlessly integrate internal components and allow for easy integration with other systems. HSP iConnect involves breaking an application down into common, repeatable "services" that can be used by other applications, internally and externally, independent of the applications and computing platforms on which Payers and its partners rely.

Today's business requirements and competitive environment place enormous demands on Payer's human and technology resources. HSP iConnect, in conjunction with Health Solutions Plus' enterprise-class benefit administration, care management and portal solution, MeditracTM, helps Payers optimize operational efficiencies, improve member care, expedite customer service, elevate customer satisfaction, and promotes collaborative real-time communications and processing among members, providers and Payers.

About Health Solutions Plus

Health Solutions Plus is an innovative provider of enterprise healthcare solutions for health plans and third party administrators supporting commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, dental, vision, and specialty health lines of business. Health Solutions Plus offers the most complete unified single- source software solution on the market. Health Solutions Plus' approach eliminates the costly issues and down time associated with the "multi-vendor" interfacing systems idea. The HSP suite of solutions is an investment that will take your organization successfully into the future. For more information about Health Solutions Plus call 800-244-8718 or visit our website at