Client Testimonials

Reduced Costs and Operational Improvement

Our revenue has increased and our expenses have decreased as a direct result of using HSP’s unified software. HSP’s unified technology has enabled us to triple our membership without increasing our staff levels.

Online, Real-Time Processing and Access

Using the HSP system, our members and providers have access to real-time eligibility, benefits, claims status and more. Additionally, our providers are able to submit online authorizations, claims and attachments with real-time adjudication results.

Elimination of Missing Claims and Attachments

The unique structure of the HSP system provides us with the ability to know where every piece of paper is, throughout our entire organization.

Resolution of Duplicate Members

The HSP system immediately recognizes duplicate member records. The system effectively corrects duplicate membership issues, resulting in the prevention of database corruption.

Managed Services for Medicaid Members

HSP has the most sophisticated system in use by our state Medicaid system.