Claims Intake:

PerfectClaimâ„¢ provides high-speed claims data entry and data verification. The design of PerfectClaim is a result of years of experience within Payer organizations and understanding that converting paper to electronic characters is not enough. HSP employs sophisticated logic to ensure the data is scrubbed for accuracy prior to entering Meditrac claims solution or a re-pricing engine.

PerfectClaimâ„¢ is a software solution that automates the scanning and editing of paper claims and EDI. PerfectClaim utilizes OCR technology to eliminate most of the data entry function and the errors associated with it. It then validates the data extracted from the form against the core claims system to eliminate ambiguity and improve data integrity. PerfectClaim then routes the claim, based on customer-defined rules, to one of several output queues. Output is either in native host format, ANSI 837, or print-to-paper. PerfectClaim automatically stores scanned images in the PerfectClaim Imaging Module customer record. PerfectClaim works seamlessly with Meditrac to meet the unique business requirements of the healthcare Payer industry.

PerfectClaim™ allows you to:

  • Reduce or even eliminate the need to store paper claims, microfilm, or microfiche while indexing claims as part of the OCR process
  • Identify, compress and index all claims and store paper documents as digital images
    • Convert paper documents into electronic documents, overcoming the limitations, inefficiency and cost of paper-based filing systems
    • Access real-time retrieval of documents and data