Customer Service and Enterprise Workflow:

HSP's Uniflow™ combines front office customer interaction solutions with document management services and a workflow engine that fits in with existing practices. Uniflow™ enables business processes to flow seamlessly between the front and back office, with documents available to users in both. You can use a single platform to capture all phone calls, Web, fax, e-mail or electronic input streams in one location. Through building your business’ customized workflows, combined with Uniflow’s™ content management, your organization can rely on one solution as the central source of information.

clipboard with lines to a laptop

Uniflow™ allows you to:

  • Manage the movement of documents and internal transactions to the proper department or individual
  • Create automatic workflows that control tasks and route through a department or the organization
  • Improve customer service response time and customer satisfaction
  • Immediately access both member and provider documents and data
  • Track and script calls for accuracy and consistency